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Karla Phillips-Krivickas, Founder

Karla Phillips-Krivickas is the founder of Inclusive Strategies and one of the nation’s foremost thought leaders on education policy and reform. With over twenty years of experience in state and federal policy, she advises state and federal leaders on sound policy and best practices to advance academic achievement for all students.


Karla served as the Senior Director of State Policy at KnowledgeWorks. In this role, she worked with states to build education systems that support student-centered learning. Before this, Karla was a policy director for the Foundation for Excellence in Education and established the organization’s next generation learning portfolio. Her career in education began at the Goldwater Institute conducting research on charter schools and has included serving as the education policy advisor to the Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona Governor’s Office. Through it all, Karla has passionately advocated for all students—especially those with disabilities.


Karla lives in Phoenix with her husband and two children: a 18-year-old son and a 15-year daughter with Down Syndrome. 

I have been an advocate for the educational interests and needs of all students from preschool through postsecondary for over 20 years. As a mother of a child with a disability,  I'm now channeling my experience and opportunities to passionately advocate for students with disabilities."


Clare Crowson, Content Editor

Clare Crowson is a writer and editor with a passion for clarity and concision. She served 10 years on the communications team at the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), a leading education policy organization. During this time, Clare worked closely with ExcelinEd’s policy experts to develop innovative resources for educators, schools, and states seeking student-centered policy solutions. 


She has written and edited pieces which have been published widely, from her hometown’s Armstrong Journal to the Wall Street Journal. While Clare does love crafting a policy playbook, her all-time favorite work is capturing and sharing the stories of families impacted by student-centered education policies. 


A graduate of Northwestern College, Clare is a teacher at heart. Her students have included high schoolers in Iowa, inmates at a county jail, elementary students in South Korea, and, presently, her own kids. Clare lives in Tennessee with her husband and three young children. 

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